[SOLVED] Event "onClick" on treeview



I have a treeview attached in a cell of a DHTMLX (pro) layout.

myTreeView = myLayout.cells("a").attachTreeView({ xml:"/LRF/XMLWeb/ProcessDescriptor/descriptor/PROJECT/tree.xml"});

Now I’m trying to put an event “onClick” on this treeview in order to get just an alert on beginning.

myTreeView.attachEvent("onClick", function(id){ alert("Item "+id+"was clicked"); dhtmlx.alert("Item "+id+"was clicked"); });

But nothing hapened maybe there’s an other way to do it if the treeview is attached in a cell but i don’t find it.

If anyone can help me it’ll be really appreciated.

SOLUTION : I changed the “onClick” event with an “onSelect” and my problem is solved :slight_smile: