[SOLVED][version 5.2] what is the unminified editor_types?

I’ve been trying to get inline editing working and it seems like the issue is that .editor_types doesn’t exist on the gantt config. I’m using 5.2 from ‘dhtmlx-gantt’. I also had a similar issue with .layout not being defined on the config when it should be there.

I can just hardcode .editor_types, but the code is minified. Would it be possible to have the actual code snippet for the following:

function(t, e, i) {
    var n = i(102),
        r = i(99),
        a = i(98),
        s = i(97),
        o = i(96),
        l = i(95),
        d = i(0),
        c = i(1),
        h = i(3);

    function u(t) {
        t.config.editor_types = {
            text: new(r(t)),
            number: new(a(t)),
            select: new(s(t)),
            date: new(o(t)),
            predecessor: new(l(t))