[solved, was stupid] GRID REST issue to remove row


I use a datacollection,

const dataCollection_selection = new dhx.DataCollection();
I load it with a dhx.ajax.get and then dataCollection_selection.parse
–> OK

I use it for a grid
const grid_selection = new dhx.Grid(null, {
data : dataCollection_selection,
–> OK, my grid is fine

I want to delete a row in my datacollection.

For that, i call
–> OK my row is deleted from database

and then I call
[SOLVED BY : grid_selection.data.remove(row.id); YES, WAS STUPID]

–> My row is not removed from my grid , i don’t see anything
–> if i reload my grid, it’s correct

What i do wrong ?
I remember that in older version the remove show the line “striked”, and the save remove the row
I remember that there was also a solution to say to the grid that the data is saved.
how to do that in 7.0 ?

Note that i have tested also to call the save function so the dhx.ajax.delete is called directly, but that don’t work also for the moment (i need to investigate more)

Best regards