Some additional features ...


I find dhtmlx very interesting especially the dhtmlxlayout and dhtmlxgrid which are both very usefull and easy to use

In a perfect world here are the features i would like to see in dhtmlx :

  • dhtmlxForms !!
  • grid2xls
  • Ajax “push mode” or at least some example/connector to comet or any other existing tool that already does the job
  • A Wysiwyg drag and drop designer. Being able to design a mockup/template very fast is a very good way to catch a client … (ex : sigmawidgets, GeneralInterface and very soon extjs)
  • Extension of dhtmlxVault with a java applet to support drag and drop files and/or directory

Thank you again for all your (very good) work !


beta version will be available in few days

there is a PHP solution, similar to grid-to-pdf, which we plan to release in nearest time

Ajax “push mode” or at least some example/connector to comet
We have some prototypes, but any push solution will require very specific server side solution. It requires significantly more complex coding than existing connectors|components.

Hi Stanislav,

Thank you for your answers !

Hi Stanislav,

what about DHTMLX Designer, just like Ext Designer

i think it would be great…

We are working on tool, to simplify visual design of dhtmlx interfaces, there is no exact release date, but I think, that it may be available in December-January.