Some advice needed re setup


After staring at the samples and docs, I’m struggling to get a handle on everything I need to set up this app how I want it.

Can someone please just tell me which of the following things I need to use together to just “make it work”? That would be so helpful.

My setup is very simple: I want to run the Mobile Sheduler with a MySQL (pdo) / PHP backend, transferring data formatted as JSON, using dhtmlxConnector to handle all the CRUD operations. I know eventually that I will need to create custom SQL statements (it’s going to interface on a pre-made database and info I’m accessing is spread across multiple tables), but that’s ok.

I think I need to use some magic combination of:

  • dataprocessor.js
  • connector.js
  • JSONDataConnector
  • connector.php

I just need a nice simple sample that covers this setup. I’ve got the app designed, the backend is ready, so it’s this middleware that I need to figure out.

Can you help? ALl help GREATLY appreciated!


Please take a look at the following sample:

Here data are loaded in xml format, xml is generated automatically. If json is format is required, you can use JSONDataConnector instead of schedulerConnector. Here is the example of server-side:

//include ('../../../../connector-php/codebase/scheduler_connector.php'); include ('../../../../connector-php/codebase/data_connector.php'); ... //$scheduler = new schedulerConnector($res); $scheduler = new JSONDataConnector($res); $scheduler->render_table("events","event_id","start_date,end_date,event_name(text),details");

Note: in the last line I defined an alias for field “event_name” (scheduler templates and form use “text” property as event name)

In the scheduler definition code you will need to change “data driver” type from “scheduler” to “json”.

//$$("scheduler").load("data/events.php","scheduler"); $$("scheduler").load("data/events.php","json");

Hi Alexandra,

Thanks very much for this. Changing the “data driver” type from “scheduler” to “json” was what was causing me problems.

Many thanks,