Some confusions when using dhtmlxLayout

hello :
I have some problems when using dhtmlxLayout. I attach a dhtmlxGrid and dhtmlxToolbar in the same cell, but dhtmlxToolbar is always displayed on the bottom of dhtmlxGrid,how can I customize display order? More, if I attach dhtmlxToolbar alone in a cell and use setHeight() function to set minimum height of cell and hide header of cell, but the dhtmlxToolbar doesn’t fill with the entire cell area,there still have blank under the dhtmlxToolbar, is there limitation of cell height, if so, how can I do? Thank you!

See inits of this components in the layout: … olbar.html … _grid.html
You need to use methods attachToolbar() & attachGrid() correctly. It will work right.
If you need some other srtucture - show your demo.