Some events not firing?

Some of my events seem to be working but others are not - I wonder if there has been a change to some of the events since the documentation was written?

I copied this event handler from here … event.html

scheduler.attachEvent(“onCellDblClick”, function (x_ind, y_ind, x_val, y_val, e){
//any custom logic here

but when I double click on a cell, the code does not fire (the alert does not happen, a stop point inside this function does not fire)

However, in the exact same page the following event (declared AFTER the one above) does fire properly
//save an appointment onEventSave
scheduler.attachEvent(“onEventSave”, function(id, data) {

I realize now that dblclick only fires in certain views (not the one I am using) I have to use beforelightbox instead :slight_smile: