Some problems with vault!!

Here’s my js code:

var vault = null;
vault = new dhtmlXVaultObject();
vault.setServerHandlers("/HttpHandlers/UploadHandler.ashx", “/HttpHandlers/GetInfoHandler.ashx”, “/HttpHandlers/GetIdHandler.ashx”);


1- all files r copied to the destination dir with larger size than actual
2- No image file is opened correctly; .docx file opens with error msg;.pdf files show up as damaged and don’t open!!

Kindly, tell me what could be wrong? I am using dhtmlxvault_v16_pro_100511 with ASP.NET MVC 3 and have made no change in handlers yet.

Could you send me the original and the resulting files? I want to see the difference.
With MVC3, maybe you should configure your server to skip handlers from standard mvc flow?