Sooo lost with dataconnector and processor

Hello everyone,
the last time i messed with this, was back in 2010. I downloaded the suite and the connector-php so i can update my grid dynamically, but now im lost.

For the grid.load, i have that working and outputs what i need. That page outputs XML as its supposed to.

For the dataprocessor, i used the update.php, but its not working.

myDataProcessor = new dataProcessor("update.php"); // lock feed url
myDataProcessor.setTransactionMode("GET", false);
//myDataProcessor.setUpdateMode("off"); // disable auto-update
myDataProcessor.init(feditGrid); // link dataprocessor to the grid

No change to update.php, but i did add the connector inside update.php; no change in trying to delete.

When i added the dataprocessor.php to new dataProcessor(), the item deletes from the grid as i want it too, but doesnt delete the item from the database.

Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks for any help.

PS, i like how you redesigned PHPbb; very similiar functionality if you didnt use it.

Please, try to use the latest version of the connector:
If the problem still occurs after the update please, provide with your server-side code and with the logs from your update request.