Sort and filter by together

function dataSourcePopupHandler(id) {


                fs = NodeRoutings.cells(id,1).getValue() ;





                    if(fs == “”)return true;

                    return v == fs ;






        function doInitDataSourceGrid(id){

            dataSourceGrid = new dhtmlXGridObject(‘dataSourceGrid_container’);











            //dataSourceGrid.enablePaging(false, 10, 10);










Tring to sort the dataSourceGrid : after dataSourceGrid.filterBy: However unable to sort by Col index 3 :dataSourceGrid.sortRows(3,“str”,“asc”);

a) please be sure that sortRows is called before filterBy ( after first filtering, grid will lock original row order and will reuse it for next filtering - it can be resolved if necessary )
b) You are have “int” as sorting type for 4th column , so be sure that data in that column can be processed as numeric values ( parseFloat will be used to convert cell values to numbers ), if data is not parsable - grid will not be able to sorts correctly.