Sort and Filter in tree grid within tree nodes


I have a tree grid, using dhtmlXGridObject with first column of type “tree”. Each of the tree node has one level of leaf rows. We would require below 2 features on the grid which I could not find in your documentation.

  1. How do we sort rows within tree nodes? i.e. on click of column header (any column), it should sort within leaf rows retaining the position of tree rows intact. The sort should be based on predefined type (str/int/na) in “setColSorting”. I have tried to write a custom sort, couldn’t succeed. Would you please support on this?
  2. Filter does not work with special character like “&”. i.e., we have values like “R&D-ABC-PQR”, on typing of “R&”, the grid gets blank with no rows matching with entered string (“R&”).

Appreciate your response.


  1. Could you please, provide with your custom sorting so it can be tested and I can suggest a proper solution.
  2. Unfortunately the problem cannot be reconstructed locally. Could you please, provide with the sample of the using code or share with a demo link, where the problem can be reproduced.