Sort button not appearing


Using Kanban v1.2, I am attempting to get make a customized toolbar, as well as any custom fields, to show up in the tool bar unsuccessfully.

The following fields appear to work correctly: “search”, “controls” (add row and add column only), and the custom Logo field in the demos.

The following fields do not work correctly:

  • “addRow”, “addCol”, “spacer” - just shows those words
  • any custom objects, including the sort object - they show “[object Object]”. I have tried all of the demos and snippets online, and from the downloadable demo. I have confirmed the latest code is used.

Any ideas why this is happening and how to fix?


Please, make sure that you are using the latest 1.2 version of the Kanban.
If you are using the Kanban v1.1.1 here you can find the migration guide to the v1.2:

Here you can find the documentation about the toolbar configuration:
Also, here you can find a guide about the toolbar customization with the example:
Here you can find the list of the items properties that can be used for the toolbar configuration and customization: