Sort by SlectBox Associated string value ?

Hello, I was wondering if there was a way to sort a selectbox column, not by the value of the select box, but by the content of the selectbox in the dhtmlXGrid ? In our case we have an Number associated to a String value loaded via a dataprocessor. Currently the sorting is done with the Numbe and not the String Value. So I looked at the custom sorting routines but same problem I can only acces the Number and not the String Associated.

Any insight woud be deeply Apreciated.

Nicolas Darques


Eclair PARIS

By default all columns sorted by value, but workaround for select boxes is possible.

You can use custom sorting in next way


   function custom_1(a,b,ord,a_id,b_id){
      return ord==“asc”?(a>b?1:-1):(a>b?-1:1);

here 5 - index of column with selectboxes
if necessary - please contact us directly at - I will send you ready sample