Sort on column KO if link tag


the sorts in my grid are OK except for one column. Sorting column containing a link does nothing, example:

<a title="2" href="/saisie/saisie.php?NRSS=2&NRUM=1">2</a>

The XML’s code of the data is:

<cell><![CDATA[<a href="/saisie/saisie.php?NRSS=2&NRUM=1">2</a>]]></cell>

When you are using inline HTML, sorting function will use the HTML value of the cell, and will try to sort the HTML strings, which may lead to the unwanted result.

You can try to use link column type instead. As resutl grid will be sorted by link’s text.

Thank you,

with the link and the dhtmlxgrid_excell_link.js it’s OK