sort pb with rowspan in grid


I got a problem while sorting with rowspan in dhtmlxgrid v.1.6 build 80512.

My XML is like this :

my common value

my unique value

my common value

my unique value

I load it into the grid enabling the rowspan. Everything works great until here.

When I sort a column in the grid, the rowspan is broken and the common values disapear from the lines it wasn’t displayed.

Row’s data are shifted.

I explain :

my unique value is displayed as the first column, and the second column is empty and the browser send me a JS error :

ur._childIndexes is undefined in the dhtmlxgrid_rowspan.js.

Can you help me to solve this issue ?


Problem confirmed and fixed, fix will be included in next build.
Please contact us directly, at if you need updated js file ASAP.