sorting and paging in grid

please try to remove “myGrid.enableSmartRendering(true);”  from used initialization

as per your reply ,
I have removed myGrid.enableSmartRendering(true); in my code…
the error is resolved now.

Please tell me how do I enable sorting in mygrid…?

My code is as follows

var myGrid=new dhtmlXGridFromTable(tableId);





Just add setColSorting command to define sorting types for each column

var myGrid=new dhtmlXGridFromTable(tableId);
myGrid.setColSorting(“str,str,…”); //parameter - comma separated list of sorting types for each column

Instead of using separate js command, you can define column types as part of source html table, you can use sort attribute for header row of table
<table …

<td type=“ro” sort=“str”>Header1
<td type=“ed” sort=“int”>Header2