Sorting exception when Paging enabled

I am using Dhtmlx grid pro version. I am loading Dhtmlx grid from XML string which is fully available in client side. Also I have enabled paging. I have used parse method to load data in grid as below,

GridObj.enablePaging(true, 25, 3, 'recinfoArea');
var lsGridXML = $('#hdnGridXML').val();
if (lsGridXML != '')
    GridObj.parse(lsGridXML, callBackGridObj, 'custom_xml');

But when I click on header to sort, I am getting js exception. Please help me.

Please, provide a sample of your code and a screenshot of the error that is occurs for you.

Please find the attached file for separate WebApp to reproduce the mentioned exception.
I am using IE9 browser. Also I have attached screenshot of exception. (214 KB)

could you please let me know the status of this post?

In your Attach_CustomXML_Handler function you completely rebuild the loading process of dhtmlxGrid. In the result you have only the first page loaded at the start. data from the other pages is not loaded into the grid yet. The grid cannot operate with the rows that are not loaded yet.
You will have to create your own custom sorting process in this case. Or create your custom loading type accordingly to the following tutorial: … s_creation