sorting image showing in wrong column

Hello there!

I am just updating one of my applications from Professional Version 1.4 to Professional Version 2.0

However, i have problems, when i initialized the grid headers with a * like:


In case where there are a lot of rows, so that a vertical scrollbar is used, every time i click on a header to sort, scrollbar disappears, the column defined with * gets larger while loading and the sorting image is shown at the right side of column. However, when loading is finished, scrollbar appears again and column defined with * gets smaller again. But the sorting image remains where it was, resulting that it is not in the right column on the right side, but in the next column to the right on the left side.

This is strange, because i did not have this behaviour while using Version 1.4.

What could be wrong?

Thx in advance!

You can resolve problem by adding


It will correct sort image position each time after xml loading, which must resolve issue.