Sorting issue after refresh


After sorting the DhtmlxGrid by clicking on one of the headers, and clicks on one of the button in the grid, where i am doing a database update, the page refreshes back to unsorted.

The button click is like this

function gridButtonClicked(target,argument )




this is how i am setting the button

WriteSearchResultsCell(writer, “<img src=”…/images/icn_lock.gif" style=“cursor:hand; border:0px;” alt="" + objCheckoutUser.FirstName + " " + objCheckoutUser.LastName + " Checked out at " + objRequest.CheckoutTime.ToString() + “” onclick = “gridButtonClicked(‘Lock#Edit’ ,’” + objRequest.RequestID + “’)” />", true);

I want the DhtmlxGrid should remain sorted after the page refreshes .Please help me.

Thank you in advance.


What grid version do use ?

The professional version provides API to do it:


In case of standard version you can use getSortingState method. It returns the array  where first element is column index  and the second - state.

    var sorting_array = grid.getSortingState();

And after getting these value from cookie you can  do  following: