Sorting on Date column Header in grid not working properly

Facing problem with sorting on Date Column

  1. Grid consists of couple of Columns with type=“ro” & sort=“date”.
  2. Set to date format mygrid.setDateFormat(‘m/d/y’);
  3. Number of rows per page is 10 & total pages more than 1000.
  4. Date column can have blank cells too.

When I click on date Column Header to sort the rows in ascending order, I get
results in following order:

  1. Some rows with no date i.e. blank cells followed by
  2. 4 Rows with highest and equal dates followed by
  3. Remaining no date (blank cells) rows
  4. After this all the results are in correct descending order

This issue occurs only when large amount of data is loaded in grid.
Using dhtmlx suite v2.1

Please look into the issue.
Saurabh Malviya


date sorting can not be applied to “ro” column. Please have a look at the answer here viewtopic.php?f=2&t=12076