Sorting problem

Iam using smart rendering,due to which sorting is not working.Happened to see the following posted response.Didnt get much out of this and the link you provided here is not working.Can you please tell what should be done for sorting to work?

In case of SmartRendering mode soting on client side not possible ( because all data not loaded|parsed ), so the only way to have such functionality - server side sorting - you can catch “onSort” event and instead of native sorting just reload grid, with sending some additional param to server, which will cause response to be sorted in necessary order.

You can check online sample … index.html

If you are using static smart rendering - in latest code sorting work by default ( in dhtmlxgrid 1.5 - you need to call grid.enableSmartRenderingSorting(true) , in dhtmlxgrid 1.4 functionality not available )

In case of dynamical smart rendering ( when data loaded from server on demand ) the client sorting not possible - you need to implement server side sorting. … 3007047000