Source object problem when onDragIn event happens

in the documentation the on DragIn Event says there are 4 parameters. The example in the documentation shows five. But I am unable to get more than the first two.
what do I need to do to get the source object and target object. They may be there and I am using them wrong.

the documentation is below:
onDragIn Event
This event calls user-defined handlers (if there are any) and passes the following parameters:

◦dId - id of the dragged item;
◦lId - id of the potential drop landing;
◦sObject - source object;
◦tObject - target object;

also in the documentation it shows 5
attachEvent(“onDragIn”, function(dId,lId,id,sObject,tObject){

I have multiple objects I am dragging from and need to understand where the dragged item is from. I would like an example. Thanks

Never mind, I am a new user and I figured this out.