Special Character in Connector

Hi im using

<?php require_once("../../include/config.php"); $res=mysql_connect($mysql_server,$mysql_user,$mysql_pass); mysql_select_db($mysql_db); mysql_query("SET NAMES utf8"); mysql_query("SET CHARACTER SET utf8"); require_once("codebase/tree_connector.php"); $tree = new TreeConnector($res); $tree->enable_log("temp.log",true); $tree->render_sql("SELECT pageId, pageName from pages WHERE news!='yes' AND trash!='yes' ORDER BY sortOrder ASC","pageId","pageName","parentId"); ?>
to connect to mysql and display my tree. But the problem is when i use “&” in the pageName it doesnt work. Do you know why?


yes there can be a problem with & character that breaks the xml structure. The latest development version of connector escapes it automatically. Try to replace the original tree_connector.php with the attached one.
tree_connector.zip (2.46 KB)