Special Characters Bug when using loadXMLString() or parse()

Hello, I maybe encountered a bug when there are special characters within a cell. The bug occurs when a grid is generated by using the function loadXMLString(…) or parse(…). I receive the following xml from our backend

<![CDATA[3T 3 yyy (3903) ]]>

the celltype is “ro”. This results in the following cell content

<klas: 1="" xx="" (yyT="" 2)="">3T 3 yyy (3903) </klas:>

and the output “3T 3 yyy (3903)” within the browser.

It works when there is a space between “<” and KLAS or when I set the rowtype to “rotxt” but should not disarm all special characters like “< > &”?

The same happens when a cell title contains special characters but there i cannot change the type.


Please, try to use the “edtxt”/“txttxt”/“rotxt” column type instead of “ed”/“txt”/“ro” in your dhtmlxGrid.

Thank you for your reply. As I said in my previous post I have already tried to set the rowtype to “rotxt” and it works. But this is not solution to the problem because I have numerous grids with countless columns.

My question is why doesn’t handle the special characters like explained in dhtmlx.com/docs/products/docsEx … cters.html ?
In other grids where I load the grid content with loadXML, the grid displays the content with special characters correct.


the column types like ro,ed,txrt treat the inputing data as html. so any data placed in the html tags will be parsed as the html.