special characters issue with connector

1.)I have a column with type “co” in my grid.
And i am loading my grid using dhtmlxgrid connector.
when the column value contains special character like sample&sample it is displayed in grid as sample.

What is the problem with connector?

the column value in query result (which is used by connector) is sample&sample only.

But when it is displayed in grid it is showing like sample. :unamused:

  1. . another one is i am loading another grid with loadxml.
    i have a column data like ‘<>’ , i have used cdata in xml for that cell value.
    value displayed in grid properly only like <>.
    But when i am going to edit that cell, when editor opend for that cell in that cell editor the value displayed like <>.

What is the problem …
Can u plz help me…!

Thanks ,

PLease, try to use “cotxt”/“corotxt” excells instead of “co”/“coro”

Thanks for your reply.

cotxt worked for combo column.


i have used grid cell type cotxt. i have double click on cell and entered text . its not displaying in the grid first time. have refreshed the grid then it displayed.
is it known issue?. can you resolve the issue?.

Your issue is confirmed and fixed.
Pleas,e open ticket at support.dhtmlx.com so we can provide you a fix.