I have been using dhtmlxgrid for a while so far and it has been of great help, but I have a situation that i cannot solve.

I need to send some information from my grid to a .net web app, and everything works fine except when special characters are sent in the query string, such as the following: “file.aspx?type=add|values=Valpara�so”. Here you can notice that exists the character �.

When i send a javascrip alert to see this string i see it ok, but when the information gets to the .net app the � character has been left out. What i see is this “file.aspx?type=add|values=Valparaso”, the � character is gone.

This is the code i use in my aspx page (client side code)

var url=“file.aspx?type=add|values=Valpara�so”;


I would apprecciate any help on this issue since it is keeping me from sending my app into production.

Thanks in advance,

Mario Bagnara

You need to escape data, based on server side platform it will be

var url=“file.aspx?type=add|values=”+escape(“Valpara�so”);



var url=“file.aspx?type=add|values=”+encodeURIcomponent(“Valpara�so”);