Special Characters showing up in combo box drop down

We are having issues with the DHTMLX PRO 3.6 with regard to a combo box inside a grid containing special characters like “>”.

The XML is returned with the option wrapped in CDATA and containing > as follows:

<cell type='coro' xmlcontent='true'>
      <option value="Sales%7CArm+Twisting">
                <![CDATA[Sales &gt; Arm Twisting]]>
       <option value="Sales%7CClosing">
                <![CDATA[Sales &gt; Closing]]>
       <option value="Sales%7CQuota+Management">
                 <![CDATA[Sales &gt; Quota Management]]>

However, when the user clicks on the drop down, they are seeing the special encodings “>” visually displayed. However, once they make a selection, then it is rendered properly as “>”.

Please see 2 screenshots, one when user clicks drop down, and one after they make their selection.

If you are using the escaping of special chars in your data you don’t need to place that data in the CDATA section:

Sales > Arm Twisting
Sales > Closing
Sales > Quota Management

Thank you that fixed it! :smiley: