Special Characters

I’ve tested the characters “<” and “&” in the grid, placing those values in cells and get different results. i’m wondering if there is a standard way of formatting the xml so it comes out right everytime. the most important browser to have it working in is IE.

This displays the grid correctly in FireFox but shows no values for the “<” and “&” in IE.

Is this a limitation of IE? Maybe I’m doing something wrong or you know a way around this. Thanks

Value stored inside CDATA come to client side exactly as it was specified. It works for all browsers.
The problem in IE, caused by the way how browser treats such characters, they are special in HTML as well, so IE counts any & character as start of escape sequence which may lead to incorrect render.

Grid has special types of cells edtxt, rotxt, txttxt, corotxt - they work as normal ones but render incoming data as text ( default column types render incoming data as HTML )
If you are using such , text based, column types -special characters will be rendered correctly in any browser.

Handling_special_characters.pdf (22.8 KB)