Specifying style per cell when loaded with JSON


I’m evaluating the dhtmlXGridObject, and I’m trying to see if you support specifying the cell font color and background color per cell when loading. There is some documentation at the bottom of one page that I followed, but it doesn’t seem to work. I found other references where people said to make sure to include dhtmlxgrid/codebase/ext/dhtmlxgrid_json.js, but this file doesn’t exist in the kit I downloaded. Has anyone been able to accomplish this? Is it supported? This is very important for my evaluation, and I’ll need to move on to other grids if this is not handled.


Hello? Any support available out there?

You can use something like this:

{ "total_count": 1, "pos": 0, "rows": [{ "id": 2357, "data": [ "Value 1", "Value 2", { "value": "Value 3", "class": "cell-blue" }, { "value": "Value 4", "class": "cell-green" } ] }] }

Also: Keep in mind that the JSON format supports NULL values, which are currently not handled well by the grid, so you should have some mechanism to replace them with empty strings…

Is this still supported? It does not seem to be working on my grids. If it is supported, what are my options for the cell class?

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Disregard the previous comment, I have figured out what I need to do.