Split At and Filtering

I gave the wrong email address to respond to, sorry about that.

Here was my question.

I currently have the following professional version: v.1.6 build 80512 and I have been reading that the problem with the SplitAt and Filtering would be corrected in the this version, but I still can not get the SplitAt and Filtering to work. Is there a patch after this version to correct this problem?

Please provide more details about problematic situation ( snippet of code used for grid’s initialization ) - filtering must work correctly for this version in both normal and split modes.

Just to be sure, latest version of js files to dhtmlxgrid 1.6 send by email, they contains all fixes until dhtmlxgrid 2.0 release.

Thanks for responding so quickly. I received the new filter and split js files and that corrected my problem.