Split At

Hello support

I am using split At functionality. when I am trying to delete rows more than one at a time, I get alert box indicating

Error Type : cell

Description: Row not exists.

but still all selected rows are deleted.

on console I am getting c has no property error

Actually all things goes fine ,if I removed splitAt method.

What is going wrong here?

Problem confirmed and fixed. Fixed files will be available as part of oncoming update.
If you need updated files ASAP - please contact us directly at support@dhtmlx.com and provide your ref. number.

I got your js files, but still problem is not solved.
The left part of grid column have cntr as cell type.(this might be helpful to you for finding solution)
I have modify one grid function, the problem gets resolved but I just want to confirm that the modification wont affect any other functionality.

this.cells = function(row_id,col){
                           return this.cells4(this.cell);
                       if(this.getRowById(row_id)!=null){ // check for row
                        var c = this.getRowById(row_id);
                        if (!c && !window.eXcell_math) dhtmlxError.throwError(“cell”,“Row not exists”,[row_id,col]);
                        var cell=(c._childIndexes?c.childNodes[c._childIndexes[col]]:c.childNodes[col]);
                  return this.cells4(cell);
                   return this.cells4(this.cell);

Waiting for your reply.

The change which you applied to source code fully safe and will not cause any side effects, but problem still can’t be reconstructed with local samples ( please check one, sent to you by email )