Split Mode. Frozen Columns


I am using Dhtmlxgrid with smart rendereing functionality,

our requirement is to use Split mode with smart rendering, but I am getting javascript error while using Split mode and smart rendering.

In your documentation,you have given like below:

Split Mode. Frozen Columns

You can activate split mode to have Grid(TreeGrid) separated into two parts with independent horizontal scrolling.

Important: we recommend using this mode with some performance optimization technologies (paginal output, smart rendering) taking into account complex script processing in split mode.

Important: this mode is incompatible with some grid functionlity.

Can you please explain how this mode(Split Mode) is incompatible with some grid functionality?

what are those functionalities?

If I have not used Split mode every thing is working fine, but with split mode I getting script error messages.

Please explain everything regarding split mode, so that we can convince out customer…



what are those functionalities?
Complex mode combination such as sorting rowspans in split mode not work correctly.
Block-selection and d-n- works for right part of splitted grid only.
Grouping will not work at split mode.

Technically , the split and smart rendering mode are compatible.
If you still having technical difficulties - please contact us directly at support@dhtmlx.com ( we will provide latest versions of related extensions with all fixes up to date )

Currently I am using the following features from grid:
1) multilevel header
2) column sorting
3) pre defined css styles
4) Smart rendering
5) editibility of the grid
6) data processor
7) dhtmlxgrid_keymap_excel.js
8) dhtmlxgrid_keymap_access.js
9) adding new rows at the end of grid
10) deleting rows from grid

So can you please suggest us that, for all the above split mode works or not?


  1. dhtmlxgrid_keymap_excel.js
    >>8) dhtmlxgrid_keymap_access.js

    The logic of tab key , when focus moved from left part of grid to the right part of grid can change in case of split mode.
    The keymap will work correctly for right part of grid, but its functionality will be limited to default behaviors in left part of grid.

    All other functionality, from your list, will work correctly.