split mode with pagination issue

i have created one custom cell type(exCell) which will have HTML checkbox with hyperlink text(anchor tag) as below.

function eXcell_checklink(cell) {
    this.base = eXcell_ed;
    this.getValue = function () {alert(this.cell.childNodes[1].innerHTML.toString()._dhx_trim());
        return this.cell.childNodes.length > 1 ? this.cell.childNodes[1].innerHTML.toString()._dhx_trim() : "0"
eXcell_checklink.prototype = new eXcell_ro;

eXcell_checklink.prototype.setValue = function (cell) {
this.setCValue("<input type=\"checkbox\" name=\"comparechecks\" value='test'"+cell+"></input>&nbsp;<a href=\"#\" >"+cell+"</a>",cell);	

when i am having this cell type for the first column & Third column and i split grid at first column [mygrid.splitAt(1)] , check box selected at first column getting unselected if i move to next page in the grid but check box selected at third column retains its state as selected during pagination. i wanted to retain state of checkbox in all column including one appears before split

Please see the attachment and let me know if there is any clarification
grid.zip (3.62 KB)

Unfortunately this is the expected behavior. If the value of a cell is some html-object cchanging that object doesn’t change the value of a cell so it is not guaranteed that the the changes will store during the rerendering.