split problem


i have noticed a bug on the split when i have a fake split. i have the following code on a tree grid with 21 columns:




when i have a row selected and i horizontally scroll on the left hand split the highlighting of selected row on the left changes to a different highlighted selected row from the right hand side, it doesnt do this all the time but it does happen often. the way to fix it is that i have to scroll down.

have you spotted this and developed a fix


Similar behavior can occur in current version of grid if you are using multiline mode in split ( not fixed row height ) - which is not support in current version ( oncoming dhtmlxgrid 1.5 will have support of such feature )
Also problem can occurs if you are using non unique IDs in grid.

If problem still occurs for you - please provide any kind of sample where problem can be reconstructed. ( you can send it directly to support@dhtmlx.com)