splitAt(1) in a TreeGrid with vertical and horizontal scroll

Hi there,

I’m trying to use the function “splitAt” on the first column of a treeGrid.

The treegrid’s nodes are mostly closed at the end of its loading. An horizontal scrollbar is at the bottom of the grid, since the width of my treegrid is quite important. No problem here, the first column is separated from the others.

Then I open some of the nodes, so that a vertical scrollbar appears on the right of the grid.

The scrollbar is working, except at the extreme bottom. When you scroll down ,reaching the end of the grid, the right part of the grid continues to be displayed correctly, but the left part of it stops going down.

The result is that the left part of the grid doesn’t corespond to the right one, there is a lag. Plus it’s not possible to see the end of theleft part of the grid.

Thanks for your help

Which version of TreeGrid you are using?
In case of latest TreeGrid version please be sure that each row has unique ID and such ID as 0 not used.

If issue still occurs - please provide a snippet of code used for TreeGrid initialization in problematic case ( you can send such info directly to support@dhtmlx.com )

Ok, I finally found where the problem was.

I was using the function grid.attachHeader after having used grid.splitAt(1).
Moving attachHeader before splitAt solves the problem.

Tank you anyway