SplitAt and Header cell's style


As it’s been notice here : dhtmlx.com/docs/products/kb/ … At%20style

I have a problem with setting style because of the splitAt functionality, I tried to put a style to a header cell by setColumnLabel function. Can you fix this? /help me?



PS : I’m using the lastest version of your component

The is no possibility to set header styles using setColumnLabel function. setColumnLabel(col, label, ind) methos has parameters:

col - header column index
label - new label for the cpecified header’s column. Can contai img:[imageUrl]Text Label
ind - header row index (default is 0)

You can set style to the header cell using 3rd parameter of setHeader() method:


Whatever setColumnLabel doesn’t work on the splited comlumns… Do you have a solution to fix this??


This bug was confirmed and fixed. Fixed file will be send you by email

Thx it’s working!

Moreover, when a row is selected (on the right part of the splitted grid), the line is not on the same level on the both part of the grid…
Row selected is in the first line, on the right part, instead of the keft one, the level of the line stays unchanged…
But when I decide to scroll down/up, left/right selected line come back to the same level .

And why we cannot scroll on the right part of a splitted grid why the mouse???


Could you please provide the sample to re-create the issue.

Here a sample of the famous splitted grid.

Problem caused by hiding first column in left part of grid, which affects selection logic.
You can remove hidden column ( or move it to the rightmost position, where it will not cause any side-effects) or use updated js file ( sent by email )