splitAt and row height

I’ve a problem with splitAt used with treegrid. After splitting the grid the rows of the two split area doesn’t mantain the same size. Can somebody help me?

Futhermore, after the split also the heigth of grid doesn’t mantain the setted size…

dhtmlxGrid 1.4 doesn’t support multiline mode in grid ( row height must be fixed ), oncoming 1.5 will support such funcitonality
( If you need fix ASAP - please contact directly at support@dhtmlx.com , and provide your ref. number - we will send you updated code, while it purposed for version 1.5 it nearly fully compatible with existing 1.4 functionality )

what do you mean with “multiline mode” ? Which attribute must i set? I looked through the api documentation, and i found only the setAwaitedRowHeight(height) , i tried to set this, but it doesnt’ work…

Grid can work in two modes
    a) fixed row height (default one )
    b) multiline mode , when row of grid has not fixed height and contain multiple lines of text

Multiline mode can be enabled by

this command need to be issued before grid initialization.

The problem was dued to a change in the css. It is not possible to change the height of the grid’s row.

Actually it possible, but in case of treeGrid the height of row can’t be lesser than height of used images ( 18px ), if height set lesser some visual glitches may appear.