splitAt : DXTML 3.0 to DXHTML 4.6


I migrate an application from DXTML 3.0 to DXHTML 4.6 (i.e. IE8 to IE11). I don’t understand why “splitAt” generate this error: The object does not support property or method “splitAt”

mygrid = new dhtmlXGridObject('gridbox'); mygrid.setHeader(...); mygrid.attachHeader(...); mygrid.attachEvent ("onCheckbox", function(rId,cInd,state){...}) mygrid.attachEvent ("onCheck",doOnCheck1); ... mygrid.init(); mygrid.setSkin("light"); mygrid.splitAt(3); mygrid.load("/recapitulatif/loadTableau.php");

I have the response :

You’re right. The splitAt() method is available in PRO version only.