splitAt() from DhtmlXGridObject is not working

Hi Sir,

We are using splitAt() function to split between columns & which provides horizontal scroll bar to us. For first loadXml() it will work fine, however, for next call the header(Column titles) getting messed. We checked the xml passed to DHTMLX its proper and have single values of header or column titles.

I think splitAt() is getting called for every loadXml() call.

Can you please provide solution to this & if possible a small demo program to use splitAt().

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Number of frozen columns cannot be changed dinamicaly. If you want to change number of frozen columns you have to destroy grid’s object with mygrid.destructor() method and then init grid again.

Also if you are using grid with frozen columns you shouldn’t change grid’s structure dinamically. If you want to update grid from xml your xml should contain any information about grid structure (in the tags).

Appropriate sample will be send you to email.