splitAt - Further questions

I have two more problems that occur only when using splitAt in a treegrid. Perhaps you can give me some work-around:

1) Height of Rows:

The rows of the 2-level in the tree do not have the same hight in the left and the right grid.  (I user multiline-text in the left part of the grid)

2) Reloading the Grid after User action:


// Itialization:


// funcktion called on some user action

function onUserAction() {




After onUserAction() the contets of grid2.xml should show on the screen. Actually the left split remains unchanged and in the right split the head-row ist not cleared.

I would appreciate any fix or workaround for these problems.

Ulrich Blasum

  1. Unfortunately we cannot reproduce this issue locally. Please check example here dhtmlx.com/dhxdocs/doku.php?id=d … split_mode