splitAt introduces extra header height!


I have dhtmlxGrid with two headers (the second header is filled with filters)
However, when I use splitAt() function I noticed that the first and second header become bigger height. I inspected the HTML with the browser’s debugger and saw that the style height is populated with some random numbers like 38px and 42px.

I really don’t need this extra height and i believe there is absolutely no reason this function to change the height of the header.

Any solution?


Such issue may occur if your have multiline content in some of your column headers.
The only solution is to us the simbgle line content in this case.


I have only #text_filter and #select_filter on the second row


I’m experiencing the same problem, in Chrome. I have a grid with multi-line(2) text header. The grid looks and performs nicely in IE. But in Chrome, the height of the first row of the header is abnormally big.

One more interesting observation is that besides this two-row header, the grid has a third row of header which contains filters. And there is a button that shows/hides the filter row. In IE, this feature works without problem. In Chrome, the height of the header rows grows with every click of this button.


Could you please, provide a complete demo or a demo link, where the problem can be reconstructed locally.