Splitat loadxml (reloading)

Hi Support

I�m using a tree grid(v.1.5 Professional edition build 71114) loaded from XML and have used splitAt to separate out the tree part of the tree grid. All works well the first time this structure is loaded however I need to issue the following code to reload the data from XML.



But it doesn�t seem to work the header is repeated and it get various errors including �out of stack space;

Removing splitAt works well however I really need the splitAt, could you please tell me how to resolve this?

Thanks again


The grid in split mode can’t change their structure after initialization. Which means you can reload it with data
    grid.loadXML(url)   // xml contains only data

but you can’t reload it with new configuration.
If you need to change configuration , you need fully destroy previous grid
    grid = new dhtmlXGridObject(…