splitAt Problem


I’m loading grid from HTML table. I gave splitAt 1st column. Spliting is happening properly.But the pblm is fiist column is coming as blank. I tried giving splitat 2nd column also. Then both columns are coming as blank. What could be the problem?



In which moment you calling grid.splitAt command ?
The command must be executed after grid structure initialized but before data loaded, if you called it against already loaded grid it will produce same results as you described - empty columns for left split zone.

grid.init();              // <<after structure init
grid.loadXML(…    // <<before data loading

In case of loading configuration from XML , splitAt command can be defined by afterInit/call/command tag

            mygrid = new dhtmlXGridFromTable(‘MyTable’);        
            mygrid.enableMultiselect(true); //Added for Row Multi Selection.
            mygrid.enableColumnMove(true); // Added for column move.
            mygrid.enableColumnAutoSize(true) // Double Click to expand to Column Width.

I shown my code above. As I already told u I’m using dhtmlXGridFromTable. Tell me what to do now.