splitAt vs editable columns


It looks like it is not possible to have columns with editable content on the left side of the freeze when the splitAt method is used. I understand that splitAt “freezes” columns, but I thought it would be the display of the columns that would be “frozen” and not their editable content.

I have an editable checkbox in the first column and as soon as I use splitAt to split the grid, the checkbox becomes read only. Is that supposed to happen?

Is there a way to split the grid while still allowing the columns on the left side of the split to be editable?



columns in the left side of the split edit successfully by default.
You may check the following sample:
dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dhtmlx … split.html

Thanks. Now that I know this is supposed to be possible, I digged further and I was able to identify the problem. The issue was that I had a “setEditable(false)” before the “splitAt” statement. Even though I have a “setEditable(true)” a few lines right after that, it did not affect the frozen columns, they remained read only.

Please, try also to add the following:
myGrid._fake.setEditable(true); //enable editing for the splitted part of the grid.