SplitAt with enableMultiline

I have a grid in split mode. I have not set enableMultiline either way.

When I have a line that wraps (creates 2 grid rows) on the right side of the split, the left side of the split remains as one line. After several lines like this, the left and right sides of the split get completely out of sync with each other.

I tried to turn enableMultiline off (set it to false) and I’m still seeing the same result.

I found nothing in the forum regarding this issue, so I’m wondering if it is something I’ve done or not not correctly. This is my version of dhtmlxGrid: v.2.6 Professional edition build 110318(with IE9 fix applied).

Here is my grid init code:

usersgrid = new dhtmlXGridObject(‘usersgrid_container’);
usersgrid.setImagePath(triRelativePath + “utils/dhtmlx/dhtmlxGrid/codebase/imgs/”);

usersgrid.setHeader(“User Name,Last,First,User ID,Active,Email,Phone,Country,Site Type,Temp Pass,Test User,Login Attempts,Locked,Suspd,Last Login,Created,View

usersgrid.enableAutoHeight(true, 520, true);

Thank you, --David

I just noticed that this occurs in Firefox, but not IE. There seem to be other issues with different versions of IE, though. In IE8 it works fine. In IE9 I only see a vertical bar where the grid should be.

I discovered that I need to set an initial width for the

that holds the grid in IE9 or only shows the vertical bar.

Unfortunately the issue cannot be reconstructed locally.

Please, open ticket at http://support.dhtmlx.com/ and provide there a complete demo with instructions to know what steps are should be done to repeat an issue.

It can be reproduced if on the right-hand side of the split you create a field that contains something like an email address as such in the xml data and keep the width of the column narrower than the data:


The dashes in the data seem to be an important factor in making the cell wrap.