Splitting unit view colums?

Firstly, thank you for this excellent utility.
I will explain what I have and what I need to do, perhaps somebody here knows how or if it is at all possible.
I have a Units view called “Rooms” … within this view, columns are displayed which are fetched from MySQL and represent the room name. So one column for Room1, one for Room2 and so on.
What I need to do is further split the Room1 column up in to 9 sections.
So the header will be “Room1” with 9 columns below it and then another header called “room 2” next to it with another 9 columns below that. I still need to pull the room names from the database and I could always add in the names for the extra columns to the database.
Is this at all possible?
Thank you so much in advance for your help


You can’t have complex multi-level headers in unit view.
But you can look as tree-timeline which allows to have tree-like structure of custom sections, check samples/06_timeline/03_tree.html