Is something like this still supported? (From your example on splitting):

mygrid.setHeader(“Sales,Book Title,Author,Price,In Store,Shipping,Bestseller,Date of Publication”);

mygrid.attachHeader("#rspan,Book Title,Author,Price,In Store,Shipping,Bestseller,Date of Publication");


The grid looks very funky.



The grid looks very funky.

Please try to use attached js file instead of original one.

dhtmlxgrid_splt.zip (7.37 KB)

This looks a lot better. I still have one more issue with this example.

If you add:

Using the splitting example setup like:

mygrid.setHeader(“Sales,Book Title,Author,Price,In Store,Shipping,Bestseller,Date of Publication”);
 mygrid.attachHeader("#rspan,Book Title,Author,#rspan,In Store,#cspan,#cspan,Date of Publication");
 mygrid.attachHeader("#rspan,Book Title,Author,#rspan,In Store,#cspan,Bestseller,#cspan");

Then try these scenarios:



3. mygrid.setSortImgState(true,5,‘desc’,2); (without splitting)

Can you take a look and see if these are expected results? If not, is a fix available?





Both command are kind of incorrect in described scenario, there is no cell with index 5 or 6 on second row of grid - they are consumed by colspan
The correct one would be


>> mygrid.setSortImgState(true,1,‘desc’,2);
Problem confirmed and fixed, fixed file attached to post



dhtmlxgrid_splt_fx.zip (7.37 KB)


This js file has solved the problem which i was facing. Can i know when this file will be included as the part of the build?

Same fix will be included in next version of grid


I have a problem after using the latest file that is posted here. the split functionality works well in FireFox. In IE 6 and IE 7 i get an extra column after the splitted column.

I’ve made use of of the grid settings in the following format,

Response.Write “”
  Response.Write “1”
  Response.Write “px”
  Response.Write “”
  Response.Write “”
  Response.Write “<call command=”“setSkin”">" & sSkinName & “”
  Response.Write “<call command=”“enableSmartRendering”">true"
  if (Index = 0) then 
   Response.Write “<call command=”“attachFooter”">"
   Response.Write “” & sTotal & “” & sStyle &""   
   Response.Write “”
  end if
  Response.Write “”
  Response.Write “”
  Response.Write “”
  Response.Write “”

When i try to open the grid in Forefox it looks like

| 111 | 222 |                 --> Header

|  a    |  b   |                 --> Row

| –    |       |                 --> Footer


When i try to open in IE 6 or IE 7 the grid looks like

| 111 || 222 |                 --> Header with extra column which hides the data on expanding only header and footer will be expanded and 111 is displayed in the extra column

|  a    ||  b   |                 --> Row

| –    ||       |                 --> Footer 

“||” represents the extra hidden column.

Please suggest me on how to proceed.

The same code works correctly with latest code in both IE and FF , when tested from our side.
Please contact us directly and provide your ref number - we will send you a latest code with all fixes up to date.