SpreadSheet 2.0 Install Problem

Hi, Community… :wink:

When i try to Install or Update the Ver. 2.0, after klicking the corresponding button, i only get a blank page… ;(

primary to this, i had a other Problem because of Permissions… thanks to Radyno it was solved… :wink:

Surely this new Problem could be related to it, but i have no idea where to put the Hammer on… :mrgreen:

I tried to set all Files Permission to 777, but no luck…

  1. how can i fix this?
  2. is a manual installation possible? Is there a short Howto for Manual installation?

Thanx… :wink:

was file config.php created after installing?

Hmm… not shure…
i think i edited the first time after the first installation of ver. 1.1

here it is:

(changed data, of course… :mrgreen: )

do you think i could do it manually? and how?? :ugeek:

I think it was something wrong with script write rights or with path to config file.
There is no way to reproduce this issue at local machine.