Spreadsheet in Joomla doesn't work

I installed and enable the spreadsheet joomla extension, but when I try to use spreadsheet within joomla article by “[[spreadsheet]]”, the spreadsheet failed to display.

In the browser, I can see the html body for the spreadsheet, but it also gives "Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 (Internal Server Error) ".

There is nothing displayed on the page, only a blank space reserved by the spreadsheet.

The details of the error message:

POST XXXXX 500 (Internal Server Error) spreadsheet.php:6
dtmlXMLLoaderObject.loadXML spreadsheet.php:6
dhtmlxAjax.post spreadsheet.php:6
SpreadsheetLoader.ajax spreadsheet.php:1876
SpreadsheetLoader.request spreadsheet.php:1838
dhtmlxSpreadSheet.load spreadsheet.php:527
(anonymous function)

could you provide me a link to your spreadsheet page?
You may send it into a private message.


I guess some error occur in spreadsheet_data.php, but server is configured to generate HTTP 500 error when some error in php occur.
Please, try to load spreadsheet and then to look php log file. Does it contains any information about problem?

Checking the error_log, we found the following:
[11-Oct-2012 03:40:02 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Class ‘systemHelper’ not found in /public_html/administrator/components/com_zoo/framework/classes/app.php on line 162

Thus we tried to disable the “zoo” component, and spreadsheet works!! Unfortunately, another core part of our website depends on “zoo”, so we need support in fixing this internal conflict and have both components working.

Another question (one spreadsheet instance per user?):

How to create a new spreadsheet instance every time a user opens the joomla article page that contains the spreadsheet? (they each can interact with database independently with separate id)

I installed com_zoo at local computer, but I can’t repeat the problem.
Please, specify your Joomla version, by the way, which version of spreadsheet plugin do you use - 1.0 or 2.0?

You may create ssheets by user id. So it will be unique spreadsheet for each user. To do this you should:

  1. Open file plugins/content/spreadsheet/spreadsheet.php and modify it like here:
$matches = explode(":",$matches[1]);
		foreach ($options as $name => $value) {
			$this->sh_cfg->set($name, $value);
		$user =& JFactory::getUser();
		$this->sh_cfg->set('id', $user->id);

		if (!isset($options['height']))
			$this->sh_cfg->set('autoheight', 'true');
  1. Open file plugins/content/spreadsheet/spreadsheet_data.php and modify:
$conn = new GridCellConnector($res, $db_prefix);
//if (!isset($available_to[$usertype]) || $available_to[$usertype] == false)
//	$conn->set_read_only(true);
  1. Deny showing page with spreadsheet to guests.

Thanks for your reply.
For the “zoo” component, we are using joomla 2.5 and spreadsheet 1.0. Actually, we are still unable to find the link to spreadsheet 2.0, so can you provide us an URL to it?

After installing the spreadsheet v2 beta, we encountered the same compatibility issue with “ZOO” component, and the spreadsheet only work when ZOO is disabled

Here is link to v2.0 beta:

I’ll try to repeat problem at local machine and give you know about it.

I tried to repeat it locally, but it works for me. Could you provide me ability to edit plugins/content/spreadsheet/ directory via FTP? I’ll try to debug it and detect what causes problem. You may send me details in a PM.