Spreadsheet instance unable to destroy


I am trying to use Spreadsheet widget which is great. But I am facing an issue because the Spreadsheet instance is not destroyed. When I flip between different data sets and create new spreadsheet I noticed that the ‘setStyle’ method is not working properly. Is there a way to destroy Spreadsheet instance properly?

FYI, my situation is very similar to the issue mentioned here: Destroy Gantt instance in Angular2

Thank you


I found out that the Spreadsheet is breaking due to some other old plugin utilized by the page. Hence, I solved this issue by loading the Spreadsheet in a separate iframe and use it wherever I want. If there was a destroy() method, it would have been much easier to fix this issue.


Thank you for your feedback.
I’ll send your request to the dev team so the destructor fucntion may apear in the future releases of the dhx.spreadSheet